Tesla Referral Code

The Tesla Supercharger network is the best fast charging network for electric cars worldwide. Since Tesla has no dealers who can take a commission on an order, the ordering process happens completely online. 

To make it easier to make a purchase, Tesla has come up with something special. Every Tesla owner can create a kind of “voucher” after the collection, which he can give away. This is a 1.500 Km / 1.000 Mls free Supercharger credit, which means you get electricity in kWh for free that has an equivalent of about 1.500 kilometers / 1.000 miles driven (Tesla is in my experience very very generous in the interpretation of 1.500 kilometers / 1.000 miles). You can find the exact terms in the Tesla wording under this link: Tesla referral program terms and conditions

Here you can get this “voucher” for your free supercharging: Tesla Referral Code

Tesla Referral Code - How to do it right!

There are reports that an order was placed without 1.500 KM / 1.000 mls Supercharger credit despite the Tesla referral code. So that this does not happen to you, I show you how you can make sure that your credit is guaranteed.

Step 1 - Get Tesla Referral Code

Use a Tesla referral link. It doesn’t have to be mine, but it would make me very happy – after all, I did the work for this tutorial 🙂

The structure of a Tesla referral link looks like this:


My first name is Benjamin. Since I’m not the only Benjamin who bought a Tesla, there is always a sequence of numbers added. My referral code is: 


By the way, Tesla also has its own “shortlinker” that shortens the links – they start with “ts.la”. Therefore, there are Tesla referral codes with a different domain. For example, mine is http://ts.la/benjamin56747

Step 2 - Tesla referral code on new car or existing car?

Once the referral link is clicked, the following overview page should open:

Choose Tesla Product for Tesla Referral Discount
Click on the image to make it bigger

Now it is important to choose the right option. Do you want to order a new car according to your wish?

Then click on CUSTOM ORDER

Do you want to buy a Tesla vehicle from stock with short delivery times and a possible discount?


Step 3a - Tesla Referral Code when purchasing via custom order

If you clicked on CUSTOM ORDER, the configurator will open with the following window popping up:

Click DESIGN NOW and create your dream Tesla! If the message did not come, you should reload the pages again or open them in incognito / private browsing. 

Step 3b - Tesla Referral Code when purchasing through existing inventory.

If you have clicked on EXISTING INVENTORY, an overview of all vehicles from the inventory opens. It can also happen that the inventory is temporarily empty – no cars will appear. This is what it looks like when the Model 3 inventory is nearly empty:

IMPORTANT: The window that tells you about the 1.500 kilometer / 1.000 miles Supercharging credit only appears when you click on BUY NOW or after you have clicked on VIEW DETAILS and then on BUY – not before!

If the message did not come, you should reload the pages again or open them in incognito / private browsing. 

Step 4 - to be completely safe with the Tesla Referral Code

That’s it! If you want to be absolutely sure that your referral link is submitted to Tesla, you can check it again with the following trick. 

The following must always appear in the URL:


If this part appears, the referral code is guaranteed to be transmitted. Of course you can also use another referral code than my “benjamin56747”. 

Tesla Referral Code FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, this is no longer possible. A Tesla referral code must be added mandatory before ordering (as here in the instructions)!

Yes, you can get Supercharging credit for a second vehicle with your own Tesla referral code – but you only get 1,500 kilometers of Supercharging credit once, not 1,500 kilometers twice!

According to the Tesla terms and conditions after 6 months from the time the credit was added. Unofficially, however, it has been shown that the expiration date is extended by another 6 months when additional credit is added through a Tesla referral code.