Benjamin Szturmaj Portrait

Benjamin Szturmaj

Who is Benjamin Szturmaj?

Benjamin Szturmaj, born in GΓΌtersloh, now lives in Augsburg (Bavaria, Germany). Describes himself as a digital native, has a YouTube channel (Fahrty), loves search engine & YouTube optimization, virtual reality, electromobility (drives a Tesla Model 3 Long Range) and everything digital.


– Technical SEO audits (OnPage & OffPage)
– Relaunch support (OnPage & OffPage)
– YouTube SEO (Video & Channel Optimisation)
– Local SEO (ranking in local results)
– Analysis of Google Penalty / Penalties
(Certified Link Research Tools Associate)Β 
– Keyword analysis (Google & YouTube)

Digital Marketing

– Virtual tour for websites & Google Maps
(StreetView Certified)
– Google Ads Account Analysis (Google Certified)
– Usability Analysis (Detailed Video Analysis)

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No matter if e-commerce, small or large company – I help every company in the field of SEO, social media and digital marketing!

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